• Project: Citiwork  Co-working
• Location: No8 Ta Quang Buu – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi
• Area: 600m2
• Design & Contruction: KOOPERCHITECT
• Year: 2019

KOOPERCHITECT was trusted with the design of the Orange Space coworking offices located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The coworking office space we have created reflects my belief that a work environment should be comfortable and congenial, enriching the user experience.

The most significant feature is the striking glasshouse meeting room at the centre of the space. The transparent curved glass structure with accent orange curtain makes a difference.The event area is designed based on the idea of ​​a movie theater. Flexible lighting system for changing purposes with a maximum of 100 people in use. The shared workspace is naturally divided without the use of vertical walls to maximize the natural light through the space.

At Orange Space, collaborative office work flexible and diverse workspaces and interiors to facilitate spontaneous interactions to encourage the exchange of ideas. Such designs are essential in promoting the creativity of the user here.

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